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Service, Service, Service!

M&M Auto Service has become Evansville’s “last resort” when it comes to diagnosing and repairing problems that other technicians just can’t figure out. That expertise and professionalism runs through everything we do, from the simplest oil change to the most confounding engine problem.


It’s no exaggeration to say that your brakes are your vehicle’s most important piece of safety equipment. M&M Auto’s ASE Certified Technicians offer full brake service, including anti-lock brakes, for all makes and models, using only OEM parts for additional protection. Call, stop by, or email for an appointment. Remember – if you don’t stop by, you may not stop!


We’re proud to offer Cooper Tires…in our opinion, some of the finest on the road. And to keep those tires running long and true, we offer complete alignment and suspension services. Keeping your tires rotated and your vehicle aligned can add significantly to the life and handling of your tires. Make an appointment now! After all – the tread life you save may be your own!

Maintenance Plans

Manufacturer maintenance schedules are basically a place to start in caring for your vehicle. We offer a personalized maintenance schedule for your vehicle that’s based on your driving habits, maintenance record, and repair record! We also offer a printout of the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule when your copy has decided to make itself scarce.

Diagnostic Capabilities & Equipment

M&M Auto has a complete range of diagnostic equipment, allowing us to accurately determine problems in all makes and models. Our technical data library is extensive and constantly updated. From “Check Engine” lights to major drivability problems, count on M&M to find it and fix it. Problems can run…but they can’t hide.

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AC Delco

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